I only have one resolution for 2014, and it's a simple one: joy.

I stayed at my mother's house during the New Year (something I don't often do nowadays) and I looked through all my old stuff. My books, notes, my clothes even. I remember the exhiliration I had back then, that curious feeling of excitement as if something amazing is about to happen real soon. Years passed and all the good things did happen, for the first time. I found joy in all of it.

However, I also realized that I've become a hard person. I've become entitled, overly calculating, and cold. I've lost the excitement, the gratitude, that sense of wonder about being extremely lucky to have this life. I'm happy but in a way that's empty. Like, okay now I'm here - so what? 

That's why my resolution this new year is to again find joy in what I do. I'm tired of being jaded, really. I pledge to be more grateful, optimistic, and energetic. I pledge to care about and take more care of the things and people I love.

I know it sounds mushy and vague. But it's pretty clear in my head. :) 

What's your resolution for 2014?