FOTD: Fresh red

I do tons of makeup reviews, but what actually ends up on my face during a full day out of the house? Now that's the question. I guess the best way to show that is to do regular FOTDs (Face of the Days), where I can discuss the logic of each makeup choice. Haha. Look at us, talking about logic here.

Anyway, I just want to show you a look I wore last week. I failed, terribly, at capturing what I wore (it was a printed navy dress from Dorothy Perkins with a classy pair of nude pumps), so this is all I have to write about here. -_- I'll wear that outfit again, it deserves to be chronicled!

Okay! For my face, I just wore the MAC Studio Finish Concealer with the Ellana Intensive Cover Foundation. That's it. No other hoopla. I love the flawless finish I get with this duo! It's mostly matte but there is a subtle sheen to the foundation. 

On my eyesbrows, I just applied some MAC Espresso eyeshadow then topped it off with the Majolica Majorca Brow Colorist. This combination is the best for lazy people. :P It takes all of one minute to do correctly, and you get soft brows as a result.

I used the Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay-On Shadow in 02 Halo as a base on my lids; this acts as a brightening primer. It doesn't crease and holds down pigments nicely! Then I swept a silvery shade of the Beauty UK Posh Palette in Eden on my lids and blended a matte tan on the crease.



Used the silver on the bottom row, 4th column and the matte tan on the top row, 2nd column.

Eyeliner was a shimmery bronze from Eye of Horus (Bronze Amulet). I was tempted to wear black but that's kinda typical, right? Besides, I wanted soft eyes. Black is too harsh.

I contoured with the Ellana Cheek Color in Diva, which is this beautiful bronze shade with a rose tint. It's kinda shimmery to use as contour so I topped it off with a bit of translucent powder, just to take that shine down a notch.

I wore the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Hyde Park. Love this red! It's not flat nor is it too obnoxious. It's not too mature, but it's not a teenybopper red either. It's just right for the quietly elegant look I'm trying to pull off.

And that's how I ended up with this look. ^_^ Hope you found this useful!