Beauty UK Posh Palette

If you love applying eyeshadow, it's important to know how to do it correctly. Nothing pains me more than seeing a half-baked eyeshadow job - but then again, I've also been there. It's easy to watch tutorials and think we get it, but it's never that simple. Applying the same techniques to our own eye shape rarely gives us the same results. We need to practice and tweak those techniques until we get it right. Maybe you're not there yet but you will get there, like I eventually did!

Today I'd like to show you some palettes that I think would be perfect for eyeshadow newbies. The Beauty UK Posh Palette (P550 from Makeupholics) is affordable yet offers a nice selection of colors that are of fairly good quality, considering the price. I have here the three palettes: Eden, Masquerade, and Festival. You'll see the swatches later!

Quickly though, the Beauty UK Posh Palette has ten colors that are of varying pigmentation and smoothness. Some are really good while others can be patchy. In general though, most of the colors in Eden and Masquerade have great quality. Festival's matte brights are kinda uneven. This just means you need to wear a primer and to layer the colors carefully.

I highly recommend that you get Eden since it's the best out of the three in terms of quality, while Masquerade is also a good choice if you like silvery, dusky shades. Both palettes have a great combination of neutral colors - Eden is warm, Masquerade is equal parts cool and warm. Either one works on Asian skin!

I love the new packaging. It's quite thick and hefty, so it doesn't feel cheap at all. I had a Beauty UK palette before and that one was super flimsy! I also like that you get a lot of product per pan, so the palette will stay with you for a long time. ^_^ Super worth the P550, I tell you.

That concludes my review. Here are the swatches!


Eden has warm, neutral shades. Most are shimmery, but there are three matte shades that are must-haves for blending

Eden, top row

Eden, bottom row

Gorgeous right? Who needs a Naked when there's Eden? ;) The eyeshadows are pigmented so you wouldn't need to use a primer if you really don't want to - but if you want to prevent the colors from creasing, do use one.

Masquerade can create warm, chocolatey looks or silvery smoky eyes. This is a great addition to Eden if you want to also create more dramatic looks.

Masquerade, top row. I love that berry-ish shade and the coppery brown beside it

Masquerade, bottom row. These are cool shades but they look nice on my skin nonetheless.

Festival has bright, colorful shades for avant garde looks or if you just like a pop of color. I prefer to use this on top of a coordinating cream eyeshadow/eyeliner, just to intensify and set that base.

Festival, top row

Festival, bottom row

And that is that. Do you think you'll be grabbing any of these palettes? Get Eden, it's really good. ;)