Manicure Mondays: INGLOT Nail Enamel in #368

I spent the last couple of days reading a book called Beauty by Sherri S. Tepper. Beauty is a book about a girl meant to be Sleeping Beauty, as she travels back and forth in time, protecting a special gift to humanity. She sires fairytale characters like Cinderella, Snow White, and the Frog Prince, but they're nowhere near anything Perrault or the Grimm Brothers led us to believe. 

This book is dark, intense, and in many parts, horrifying. It was written by a pro-abortion, eco-activist feminist. Prepare to be lectured. I didn't mind, since I'm always open to new ideas. :) I like the book and would recommend it those who like fairytales for adults.

So! It's Manicure Mondays once again. Here's dignified mauve polish: the INGLOT Nail Enamel in #368 (P450). It looks muddy in the bottle but it has the subtlest shimmer that makes it look more dimensional, somehow. It doesn't look flimsy or flat as colors like this tend to do. 

#368 is a mauve shade with a sepia undertone. The texture is creamy and smooth, and it's pigmented enough that I needn't apply more than two layers. It dried quickly in less than 20 minutes. I didn't need to use a top coat to get this glossy finish.

Staying power is pretty good at 2 days before chipping. I wash dishes regularly, so this isn't surprising!

The polish has no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP or camphor, ingredients which are said to be damaging to the nails

I like the INGLOT Nail Enamel in #368 and would wear it again. There are dozens of other shades available, so I might check those out soon! They also have a breathable nail polish called O2M which is a big hit in Islam countries. It's forbidden to pray with nail polish on, since it prevents one from purifying her body completely with water. But with breathable polish, water will be able to touch the nails. This is a big deal for those who need to pray five times a day!

So there you have it. :) Thoughts?