Etude House Bling in the Sea Nail Polish

When you've been blogging for five years, you're bound to run out of things to say. You're also bound to repeat yourself and fall back on convenient catch phrases. But, the blogging must go on! The trick is to find inspiration everyday - in trends, in other blogs, and of course in you guys. You can't believe how much info and inspiration I get just by reading your comments and emails. 

No seriously. Not even being fake. I love reading what you say! Gems of wisdom, tips you picked up in your own beauty adventures, these keep Project Vanity running. It's difficult, maybe even impossible to blog if the blogger is only having a monologue. Conversations are the life and soul of a website such as this. I might not be able to reply all the time but I keep track of what everybody says here.

Okay now maybe that's a little creepy, hehe. Let's move on to the object of this post!

I thought I'd swatch a really cute nail polish from Etude House. This is under the brand's Bling in the Sea Collection, a line that's all about shimmer shimmer shimmer! I have yet to really use the cream stick shadows and powder I got, so no review there yet. You'll just have to be blinded by the sheer amount of shimmer in this nail polish!

I actually like it! It's a lovely pale shade of pink with gold iridescence and large raspberry glitter. I admit it's a little juvenile, not something I'd wear everyday, but it's definitely pretty. The formula dried up quickly and looked opaque enough after three layers. It chipped within the day though.

Try this out if you're into shimmer and chunky glitter in your polish. It's not nearly as bad as it sounds!