Liz Asks: Do you think I should style my products?

It's been a while since I've done a Liz Asks! I should spend some time thinking of new, more interesting questions. Or you can help me out too! Like, what do you want to discuss on the front page of Project Vanity? The Ask Liz! forum has been around for a few years now and I'm happy it's an active community, but a front page question gets a lot more exposure - and feedback. That's the important bit!

So, I was hoping to get some feedback from y'all today. You may have noticed the new photos I've been rolling out - I've styled the background of the products, instead of using my trusty lightbox. I personally like the more refined, pretty pictures. Between the two of us though they take a bit more time to produce! I have to make sure the light is right, and the angles I can use are more restricted versus using a light box. Hence, less detail photos.

The lightbox allows me to get clearer images with a lot more closeups. But it also takes me time to set up. It's kinda a secret how I do it - but it's just basically a white box with two light sources. Hehe. The styled setup is better with natural light, btw.

I just wanna know what you think. Do you like the styled pictures or do you prefer the white, clean background?

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