Make your own lip color: OCC Lip Tar Pro's Picks Set v2.0

Every beauty blogger's dream is to have a makeup collection that she designed herself. It would be everything she ever wanted to see in her most-used products, all her favorite colors turned into reality. Maybe someday I'll be able to create my own makeup, but that's just a pipe dream - for now. If I'm going to do it, I need to be able to commit to it, y'know? Or else I'd be wasting time, money, and social capital.

It would be great if I can design my own lipsticks, but the closest thing for now is the OCC Lip Tar Pro's Picks Set v2.0 (P2,750). It's basically five, uber pigmented liquid lipsticks that you can mix and match to create a host of different shades! The colors are also quite beautiful on their own so you can use them as is (save for the white one).


OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) is a brand most popular for their Lip Tars. These are opaque liquid colors that are heavy in pigment and oil. They feel a bit greasy on the lips when they are freshly applied, but they dry up in about 15-30 minutes, just adhering to the lips like second skin. They feather a little and fade away once you start eating. I don't mind though! The Lip Tars can stay on for a solid five hours if I only drink, and leave an even stain when they're gone. Now that's impressive!

Lip Tars can also be used as blush or eyeshadow, as you can see on the packaging. I'm not too sold on the eyeshadow claim, but I think these would make great blushes.

OCC recommends squeezing only a tiny drop of the Lip Tar per use. More, and it would smear. I would advise you not to use lip balm underneath since it'll just make the color slide away. It's also redundant since the Lip Tar isn't very drying in any case!

The Pro's Picks Set comes with this nice lip brush. It works and it looks good, but it's not particularly special.

Okay, on to the swatches! I have swatched the four colors for you here, plus two that I mixed myself. I don't have a swatch of the white shade, Iced. It's really just an opaque white with a bit of frosty shimmer. It's a color meant to lighten the other ones in this set.

Kava Kava is a white-based peach. It's a gorgeous color, but it washes out my medium skin.

Lydia is a plummy berry shade. It's more on the more dramatic side of the color spectrum, making it a nice daily shade for those with deeper, warmer skin. If you have light to medium skin though this is a nice dark berry nonetheless.

Hoochie is a bright blue-based purple. It reminds me of the famous MAC Heroine but this is brighter with more white pigments to it, whereas Heroine seems to have a bit of red. It's too cool for my skintone so I wouldn't wear it out by itself. It leaves a beautiful stain though!

Pretty Boy is a neon pink. I always get compliments when I wear this! Like the other colors, it looks glossy when freshly applied, but it becomes matte when it dries.

Here's my own mix! ^_^ The Lip Tars combine seamlessly, so you MUST make your own colors too. The first one is a beautiful, warm MLBB shade (left). I used Kava Kava, Lydia, and a bit of Iced to make it.

Let's call this one Project Vanity! Haha.

The second one is a plummy pink made from Hoochie, Prett Boy, a dash of Kava Kava, and a bit of Iced.

And this would be Paper Flower (indulge me)

These two shades are great daily lipsticks that should work for a variety of skintones. ;) Fun right? The OCC Lip Tar Pro's Picks can be purchased at CareFreeShopper for P2,650. I know it's kinda expensive, but these tubes will last you a long, looooong time! You will only need to use a tiny drop each time! TIP: you can also pre-mix your favorite combinations and place them in a pill box.

I'm not sure if this particular set is still on-hand, but you can pre-order it if it's not in the store. 

Let me know what you think! What's your fave shade?