The Tokyo Haul

You asked for it, so here it is! I honestly didn't expect to shop this much in Tokyo. Actually, I didn't know I got this much until I photographed everything. Take note, I've already given away a lot of stuff at this point. I bought my mom a cute bag, my dad a watch, my brother a shirt and a pair of shades. Wish I took pictures as they were nice finds. 

Anyway! Like I said in my travel kit post, it's sale season in Japan right now. Those that aren't on sale, however, are still affordable as long as you keep to small shops, flea markets, and drugstores - which is where I mostly shopped. By affordable I mean under P2,000 or roughly ¥4,000. I won't say how much I spent exactly, but I had to buy another huge bag just to fit everything. (Love the pink polka dots)


I got a loooot of food. I wish I bought more miso soup paste, and more Royce chocolate at the airport! And ramen. But food is so bulky. I mostly got these in Don.Ki in Ginza, which is a crazy grocery/drugstore beauty paradise that's open 24/7! You HAVE to go there when you visit Japan.

The Tokyo Banana Roar is a popular delicacy of sorts. We got ours from the train station, where people were seriously lining up. It's basically banana-shaped chiffon cake stuffed with banana-caramel filling. Yummy! But it's not something I'd spend ¥500 for only four pieces again. I got two 4-piece boxes for gifts and one big box for us.

These lovely plates are from the Tsukiji Market. It's flea market that I sort of found accidentaly. That was a fun adventure except that it was ridiculously hot and I walked 1.5 kilometers to get there from the hotel. Still, worth the sweat! I also got this pink rock salt with a shaver for about ¥840.

And of course I couldn't miss these cute nothings! Grabbed some key chains from H&M, and Mimi Pochi that looks like Snaps. How adorable. I also had to buy that Perry the Platypus iPhone case. There was a time when I was addicted to Phineas & Ferb.

More on cute nothings: origami paper and stationery from Daiso in Takeshita Street. I collected stationery when I was very young, and I thought I'd start building my collection again! I have a soft spot for pretty paper. Don't want to use them, I just want to look at them.

These two pieces are my favorite but they are kinda expensive for stationery. They were ¥420 each. Found them in a store in Shibuya - forgot the name.

Told you I didn't get a lot of beauty stuff. The Shu Uemura curlers will be gifts (would you know, they're only ¥800 or ~P400 there!). I didn't know what that Komeko Mocchiri Lotion was when I bought it, but it looked interesting! It was prominently displayed beside Bioderma so I think it's a best-selling product. It's only roughly ¥250 so I thought, what the heck, right? I'll let you know if it's any good. (It's a toner btw)

Found this Cath Kidston bag on sale. I need a cute tote for shopping!

Because! I was in Takeshita Street, Harajuku and tutus rule there. I got this pale blue one - sooo pretty - for about ¥2,000! Wah. That place is a money sink but again, I didn't have any space left. :(

This dress is from H&M in Shibuya. It has an open back, so I will probably layer it with a shirt underneath. Anyhoo, H&M is an amazingly affordable place to shop at, with a lot of chic, elegant things inside. But price aside, you can find equally nice things here in Manila. 

So there you go, hope you enjoyed looking through my haul post. ^_^