Lipstick Week: MAC Pink Nouveau, Lavender Whip, Viva Glam Nicki 2

Lavender is an intimidating color to wear with Asian skin - some are virtually unwearable - but they can work with the right supporting colors. If that fails, just blend them with your other lippies to create interesting shades! Today I thought I'd post swatches of three MAC blue-based lavenders with various levels of pink in them. ^_^ 

I have a permanent and popular shade (MAC Pink Noveau), a limited-edition repromote (MAC Lavender Whip from Baking Beauties), and the MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 which is for the brand's AIDS charity. I have already reviewed MAC lipsticks before so I won't go into details, but quickly, these lipsticks vary in pigmentation and have a decent staying power (three hours). I have to admit that while MAC lipsticks aren't THE BEST when it comes to formula, they come in trendy, one-of-a-kind shades that other brands try to copy.

Here are the swatches and color descriptions!

MAC Pink Noveau is a bright pink with strong lavender undertones. It's a cool shade and a struggle to wear if you're morena, but on my medium yellow skintone it looks striking and interesting. I usually prefer to pair this with a dark, smoky eye to balance the coolness. A barbie pink blush always works with this particular lipstick!

The finish is Satin, so it's creamy with a bit of shine. I love how bright it is and how it's the kind of lipstick that people never fail to ask about! Oh, because of the strong blue base, this shade makes teeth look a bit whiter. ;)

MAC Lavender Whip, the 2013 version, is a repromote from 2008. It's a lavender creme shade with a dose of pink in it. I didn't think I would like this at all just looking at the tube, but now I wear it whenever I get the opportunity. It's a picky lipstick like Pink Noveau but with heavily lined eyes and some dark shadow this looks pretty striking.

I don't have the 2008 version so I can't say if this is better, but from what I read the new Lavender Whip is pinker and less pigmented. It does take a couple of layers to get my preferred color payoff; I don't mind. It's a pretty shade and I don't have anything quite like it!

Will say this out loud: my lips look dead in this pic haha. But Lavender Whip is prettier in person. ;)

Last but not the least, here's the MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2. This is one of the latest Viva Glam lipsticks! It's a pastel, white-based lavender shade that's well, crazy and fun just like Nicki Minaj. Haha. It's not going to work with most skintones, but if you're going for the Nicki look or a Japanese ganguro face then this would be perfect. 

As you know, all Viva Glam proceeds go to the MAC Aids Fund. Support the cause for spreading awareness and curing AIDS, and get a lipstick besides! ;)

Sorry about the weird lighting. The color of my skin depends on which window of the house I use and the colors I'm wearing, in other words, never the same. -_-

So there you go. How do you feel about lavender or lavender-based lipsticks? Do you wear them, or do you think they won't work for your makeup style and coloring?

MAC lipsticks retail for P1,000 or P1,100 if part of a collection. You can find MAC in Rustan's and in stand-alone stores located in Mall of Asia, Eastwood Mall and this August, in SM Aura.