The Yoga Report

I took my first yoga class last Wednesday, with minimal expectations. Well I expected to struggle (I did quite a bit of that since I went for hot yoga on my first try) but I didn't expect the feeling of lightness and calm after the class. I felt happy, focused, less worried about all the things I can't control. So I went back, and today I've already gone through my fourth yoga class this week!

Yoga helps me clear my mind and challenge my body. I have the flexibility of a wooden plank but that doesn't stop me from trying. ;) It feels good to stretch and stretch until I can't go further, and then try another day to see how my body has improved in that span of time.

I love yoga because it gives me a workout without making me tired. I tried it with the sole purpose of losing weight, but now it's not a priority anymore. The huge burst of energy and overall feeling of well-being after each class is more than enough for me! Okay let me list down all the other reasons I'm into yoga right now:

  • It makes me sweat SO MUCH. After each hot yoga class, I'm dripping wet as if I took a shower. The sweat is a great way to remove impurities from the body, moisturize the skin, and unblock pores on the face. Now that's natural skincare!
  • My posture is slowly improving. My back is straighter (always had a problem with that) and my neck, erect.
  • I don't feel the need to eat so much. It could be a side-effect of the increased focus (my mind doesn't wander to food hehe) or my sub-conscious telling me not to waste the exercise.
  • I like hot yoga because of the release at the end, when everyone's just lying down and breathing after the intensity of the poses in that heat. I tried Flow today and enjoyed a sort of meditation session in the end. Not sure what that's called exactly.

So there you go! You must try yoga too if you haven't yet. I go to Yoga+ in The Fort since it's near, but I'm sure there's a studio or two near you as well. I'm busy too but I really try to make time. I go on the 6:30am class during weekdays, if they have it. 

The first-timer package there is just P1,000 for a week's worth of unlimited classes, but I will definitely get a membership once my week expires. ^_^ I'll keep you updated!