Clinique Week: Moisture Surge CC Cream

Morning! So, I decided to do a Clinique Week because I've been receiving a lot of wonderful products from the brand lately. These are the latest releases so some of them might not be availble yet but you can ask your preferred counter to reserve. ;) To kick off the series, here's a review of something I've been using whenever I get the chance!

CC creams have brought a lot of confusion when they started popping out last year. What are they, really? Do you need them? It depends on your preference and skin type so there's no definite answer to that. But I can tell you that CC creams are specifically for color correction, with a focus on skincare rather than the cosmetic effect. CC creams are for treating and maintaining skin, not for covering it up the way BB creams would.

That said, I am loving the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream (P1,850) because it is my ideal face base. I don't need to layer moisturizer and/or sunscreen, foundation, and powder on a day-to-day basis! I apply a generous amount on my skin, wait for it to dry, and voila - nice, primed skin that doesn't need layers of product to achieve.

Okay let me break that down in a neat list, before I degenerate into a raving maniac. :P

Why I LOVE the product

  • It has this lightweight, non-greasy texture that melts on skin and somehow makes it look brighter. 
  • It has no visible shimmer; the finish is satiny. It blurs fine lines and pores at the same time, reduces redness. It won't cover blemishes or discolorations since it just has sheer coverage.
  • It has the gel Moisture Surge base which makes it ideal for oily to combination skin. There's no oil in the formula, and the moisture is easily absorbed. If you have dry skin though you will need to apply a generous amount to get that moisture (if you don't plan to use any cream beforehand).
  • No breakouts! Plus my skin still looks nice after I wash it off. You know how some face bases make your skin look icky after you wear it for hours? The Clinique CC Cream isn't one of those.

  • There are nine shades available, but there will be five here in the Philippines - those designed for Asian skin. You'll find three skin tone shades (Natural Fair, Natural, and Natural Beige) which can be worn alone and two illuminating shades (Fresh Pink and Fresh Peach) which are more of a brightening base for your regular foundation.
  • Packaging is simple yet functional. The tiny hole lets a controlled amount of product through so you get what you intend to get out of the tube.

Swatch of Natural Fair. It's yellow-toned so it's ideal for Asian skin. This is the lightest available shade locally. It's about two shades lighter than my skin but when blended properly it matches well. The coverage is sheer so shade isn't an issue unless you're very dark!

Remember that red insect bite? It's well-hidden now. ;) This is pretty good at diminishing the appearance of redness.

Worn alone. See how it matches fairly well? It's not my shade but the sheerness allows it to adjust to my natural tone. 

Worn with concealer and powder - the whole shebang!

What I don't like about the product 

  • You have to use a lot of product to get moisture and enough SPF coverage. I usually apply three pea-sized glops.
  • I am outraged that this will be available in July pa - about two months from now! :< Haha.


  • Leaves quite the white cast, but that's a given since it's SPF30. Just take care not to wear it to events. This is a product for daily use. 
  • Has a musty smell, same as all Clinique liquid foundations. I think it's because the brand avoids artificial fragrance in its makeup. That's a good thing!
  • Staying power is decent, considering it's not really foundation. I give it about 4-5 hours before it starts to fade. If you need oil control just blot and/or powder the T-zone. This isn't an oil-controling product, FYI. It does work well with oily skin because it doesn't fuel the condition.


If you love the Moisture Surge line from Clinique as much as I do, and have always longed for a tinted version, then you will go crazy over the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream! It is a lightweight brightening product that is perfect for oily to combination skin. You can wear it alone after your cleansing routine, but you can also add powder and concealer if you need them. 

If you have dry skin then go ahead and use a moisturizer before this CC cream. ;)


Love love love this stuff. This is now my current everyday face base, something I wear during mundane errands or to work. I will purchase it when I'm out, but perhaps in a darker shade - Natural I think is right for me. :)

So! What do you think of Clinique CC Cream? A must or pass?

This product will be available in Clinique stores and Rustan's come July. However, between the two of us, you can ask your favorite Clinique counter to reserve one for you. ;)