The Weight Loss Initiative

Some weeks ago I had a crazy candy addiction. Whenever I'm out I'd buy a bag of candy and just chomp until I feel sick of sugar. Predictably, my weight shot up, so I'm a hundred thirty pounds now. My ideal weight is 120 pounds and 115 if I'm gung-ho about it - but 120 is the just about right. I'm not anorexic and I know that my current weight is still right for my height. I just dislike being bulky and looking terrible in my clothes!

But it's not just a matter of aesthetics. Because of all the sugar and carbs I find myself so sluggish during the day, and a lot more easily tired than when I was eating right. It's a toxic, stressful feeling.

This dress can fool anyone, I swear. It's from Forever 21 btw!

So, I've decided to work out. Dieting is not enough to make me lose weight anymore since I don't have time to prepare the food. :/ I used to have that time, which is how I at least managed to maintain my diet last year, but now I simply don't have an hour to spend in the kitchen. Exercise it is, then!

I was dithering between Barre3 and yoga. Barre3 was my initial choice since the studio is just in High Street (near and convenient), plus I've already tried it before and found it bearable. Yoga, on the other hand, seemed like a nice way to de-stress and lose weight at the same time. I have a friend who gained a lot last year, but after doing bikram yoga she is now super toned and sexy! Not skinny, mind. I love the results.

So I decided to go for yoga in the same studio she goes to (Yoga Plus). ^_^ Thankfully it's also in the Fort so it's not that far, but the place is less convenient. Minor point. I'm going to a class tomorrow to try it out! Wish me luck. I hope I don't embarrass myself.

I know it's odd that I'm writing about this when I haven't even started anything worth, ehem, bragging about. But I just want to get it off my chest! Plus since I made you read this, now I have to commit. Can't back out once I hit the publish button now, can I?

Any weight loss woes? Let's commiserate!