Etude House AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm

The AC Clinique line of Etude House is designed to prevent and heal acne, and until recently only features facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. Two new products were recently added to the collection (labeled "intense") that have the sole purpose of spot-treating pimples as they come. I've tried the famous AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot and it's just okay. It's like calamine lotion - smells like, looks like, feels like. I reckon it would also be useful on rashes and other skin irritations. ;)

The star of the collection for me though would be the Etude House AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm (P628 when packaged with the facial wash). This is the real deal! It was one of those things that have been sitting in my "to review" box for weeks, until I took it out for a test drive because of extreme annoyance. I had these two large red pimples on my right upper and lower lip (like star-crossed lovers UGH) and they are just not budging after more than a week. That's abnormal for me!

So I thought hey, why don't I try that Red Spot Balm over there. Boom. The two very angry pimples calmed down in an hour, and stopped swelling completely after six hours. No kidding. The next day, they're gone!

It might have been a fluke, yes? I had another pimple on the left side of my face yesterday. Just a small one but I had to pop it (bad habit, sorry, skin). I applied a bit of the Red Spot Balm and again, boom, it's completely flat in an hour. Right now the pimple is all dried up.

Would it be exaggeration to say that this stuff is awesome?

The Red Spot Balm feels exactly like a balm, or salve if you will. It's dense and ointment-y, and feels minty once applied. It dries and clears up after ten minutes so you can definitely wear makeup on top. You only need a tiiiiiiny bit and seeing how big the pot is (20 grams!), I imagine this balm and I would be spending many happy months together.

This is great for treating fresh, red pimples that you may or many not have accidentally popped. I highly recommend it based on my experience! But of course, as with all skincare, results may vary. Good luck. I hope this works as well on you as it did on me.

Have you tried this yet? 

This is the box my Red Spot Balm came in. It's packaged with a travel-sized AC Clinic facial wash. I'm sure you can purchase it separately.