Shoe pornography

Are you a bag hag or a shoe fiend? I love shoes more, definitely. With bags I can buy a versatile one and just wear that out with everything in my closet until I get tired of it. I can rotate say, three bags only for a whole year! With shoes, I feel a compulsion to match them with the colors/mood of my eyeshadow and outfit for the day. Silly? Shallow? Who cares. It makes me happy.

Anyhoo I just want to share some of the shoes I recently purchased. Starting off with the notorious sneaker wedge! I didn't care for them at all...that is, until I saw Karrots wear hers while we're on a tea date. That's when I realized it could be wearable and cool - not just mindlessly trendy. 

Besides, I've always wanted to have Skechers sneaker heels since I was nine. It's a desire that really never went away! :P Remember those chunky platform and heels that the brand came out with a decade or so ago? All the cool kids had them so I begged my mom to buy me one. She thought they were too pricey (not to mention impractical) so I just had regular sneakers. Aw. Well, now I don't have PE classes to attend and I can buy my own things!

I got these for P4,300 at Mall of Asia, but I've seen this new style wherever Skechers are being sold. The heel inside is about three inches, with a platform of .5 inches (my estimate). I wore them immediately after I bought them because the shoes I had on were really painful even if they were flats. >:( That's another new purchase but I don't wanna rant about it.

Anyway the Skechers sneakers were pretty comfortable, although I wish the platform was more elevated and that it wasn't soooo hot that day. Now I remember how sneakers or rubber shoes are equal to sweaty feet.

Next up, these orange and pink Cara pumps from Ferretti! They are divine and sad to say, already out of stock in all our branches. About five inches in height, they allow me to tower up to 5'8". Ha! I have to be careful when walking though because five inches are beyond my league. I can do 4.5 inches tops but 5 takes a lot of focus and muscle work.

It does help that the platforms are about 2 inches already. I've walked in these shoes for a maximum of four hours and they didn't kill me. Beyond that lies the challenge, but who's crazy enough to wear super high shoes for more than that amount of time?

When I saw these Charles & Keith heels, it was love at first sight. My eyes lit up, I was almost afraid to ask if they had my size (I'm a five in that brand). They did! I love the ruby red color and that the heels are only a manageable 2.5 inches. They are quite comfortable - I've done my groceries in them!

I think I got them for about P2,000 only at the C&K in Powerplant. I see many, many outfits with this shoe. <3 It would look great wih blue, black, white, and a dark emerald green I think. 

So there you go. Where are your favorite places to shop for shoes? Any new acquisitions? And: how do you feel about sneaker wedges? Weigh in!