Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Rose Gold

A lot of people think it takes me forever to do my face (forever being an hour and a half upwards) but the truth is quite far from that. I don't have time for foolin' around so over the years I've cut down my full face routine to about 30 minutes, 40 tops. Spending 30 minutes can get me a nice, colorful look but an additional 10 could mean a glamorous dark smokey eye. Quick yet polished, they should write that on my gravestone.

So imagine what I could do with just 10 minutes. I'm a quick worker, but I won't take all the credit!There are certain products that help cut down the time I need to be polished and presentable, and one of them is the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Rose Gold (P1,550).

I like v-neck shirts. I love watermelons. I LOVE THIS STUFF. This simplifies my makeup routine immensely! It's a cream eyeshadow that you can just draw on your eyes without needing any brushes. Use your fingers to blend the edges and poof, you're done. Seriously, this is perfect for girls who are intimidated by eyeshadows.

The shimmery pinky gold shade can make your eyes look brighter and more awake in an instant. Aside from using it as a lid wash, you can use this on your waterline and tearduct area to banish the redness that appears from exhaustion. It can make tired eyes look whiter.

The Long-Wear Cream Shadow stick can also be used as a face highlighter, or to mix with lipstick for some extra shine and shimmer. Oh, it's also an excellent eyeshadow primer.

Another thing I love about it: this stays put. "Long-wear" wasn't just written on this product for kicks. It creases (only because it's a thick formula) but it doesn't fade along the lines. This stays solid the whole day on me even without primer underneath. It sort of "sets" or hardens like gel eyeliner, actually. I highly recommend this for oily lids!

There are some concessions, however. It's thick and can feel a bit crusty if you over-apply, as if you're wearing gel eyeliner on your lids. I can feel it when I blink. The trick is to blend in the thinnest possible layer you can get away with.

Overall, the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Rose Gold is an amazing product. It's long-wearing, the color's gorgeous, and can be used many, many ways. I highly recommend it even for oily-lidded girls. :) It's also ideal for women who are too busy or scared to bother with powder eyeshadow but want prettier eyes.

Definitely a keeper!