Last week in Instagram: Cupcake heaven, Snaps the wolfdog

When I'm staring at this page for minutes before I type anything I know I'm stuck. I have always said that I will never get tired of this blog - I'm not - but every once in a while all the products I get and tips I learn pile up in an unrecognizable heap and it becomes difficult to sort them out. It happens.

I just need a vacation. Usually I would turn to some retail therapy but that ain't working now! :( I just need to be inspired again. Anyway, here's what happened last week.

I organized a small tête-à-tête with mom bloggers - this time for Ferretti shoes. :) Vanilla Cupcake Bakery was the perfect venue as they had this lovely tea service and of course, a yummy cupcake buffet! I hope to hold more events there in the future. 

That's Ms Cecille, the owner of Ferretti shoes, and my first ever client. I love her! I also enjoyed getting to know the SoMoms better - they're such a fun bunch, and their kids make me go awww. The little girls and boys are all fasyon, just like their mommies.



Details. I love matching the things I wear, from eyeshadow to shoes.

Cute mini-travel palettes from Bobbi Brown. They're so tiny but pack a punch.

Excited to try this! The Avon Style Specialist hair styling line. I can also finally use my Fuwarie heat protectant which I've had for months.

New mascaras to explore. Currently I'm road-testing the Max Factor 2000 Calorie one

...and here it is in action. Love it! It smudges only minimally (not bad for non-waterproof) and easy to remove too.

Visited the Digital Traincase studio in Ortigas (for work I swear). It's a beauty wonderland!

Sleek blushes

La Roche-Posay pimple corrector. Perfect for oily skin. There's also a moisturizer from this specialized line available at DT.

Haul! Thanks Sol. :)

Overly excited to fill up that Japonesque lipstick palette

Easy dressing.

"Hello, is it me you're looking for?"

Cookie Butter addict represent!

Snaps is like a kid. He loves his stuffed toys!


So that's what happened last week. ;) Do follow me on Instagram to see other photos that didn't make it to the cut!