After ten months of Carbtrim

One of the most popular posts on this website is about how I lost weight with CarbTrim. I've noticed that a lot of people get to this website via the "carbtrim" keyword (need to lose all that holiday weight? Going to the beach soon?) too, so I thought I'd post an update on this juice!

I've been drinking Carbtrim on and off for the past 10 months. The most important thing I learned about it? If you don't want to lose weight then it's not going to happen. You have to commit to a diet first and use Carbtrim to make it easier for you to follow that diet. You can't drink Cabrtrim and hope it will magically make you want to eat less! 

For example, even if I have a lot of this stuff at home, I often don't want to drink it because 1) I want to indulge in delicious food 2) I'm so stressed I deserve to eat all the junk I want. Carbtrim can "ruin" your eating experience because you'll be forced to eat less of what you want to eat; you'll feel so full. So in the last couple of months (especially during Christmas) I just let go. I don't drink this juice because I want to eat.

Result: I gained so much weight.

Now that I'm dieting again Carbtrim is something I can't live with. Why? I get so hungry all the time! I eat a smaller portion, and I no longer eat any rice or heavy carbs, so my stomach grumbles after a few hours. Carbtrim helps me feel full after a meal and sort of "extends" that meal. So I don't feel hungry and I don't crave for junk. 

In other words, I don't think Cabrtrim can help you if you like to eat for pleasure. But if you're seriously dieting then this will help you keep your resolve. :)

Curious - how did Carbtrim work for you? Did it work at all?

PS - Not a sponsored post. Carbtrim did give me A LOT of boxes to thank me for my first post. Anyway I buy them from the grocery regularly so I'm just grateful I can cut that out of my list for a while. :P At the very least - and I keep saying this - Carbtrim is iced tea that's only 8 calories.