Pond's declares February "Love Yourself Month" and gives away freebies

I love myself very much (Project Vanity, get it? Ha ha). But more importantly, I like myself. I sleep and wake up thinking I'm alright as a person, not perfect, but happy as I am. I show I love me by indulging in the things that please me - it could be a pretty dress, a piece of cheesecake, treating my mom - it's all terribly simple. I'm a happy hedonist!

That said, Pond's has declared February as "Love Yourself Month". They have an ongoing promo where you can win a sample and possibly a romantic date with someone you care about!

So how do you love yourself? Just give a nice answer in Pond's Philippines latest app and get a free Age Miracle Day Cream sample delivered to your address. Pretty easy! It's a great way to try one of Pond's best-selling products in exchange for a couple of minutes of your time. ;)

To up the ante, Pond's will be choosing the best post of the week to win a couple spa or dinner for two. Give it your best shot, alright?