All I want for Christmas

Everyone's putting their lists out there so I thought, why not? The last time I did this on my blog (years and years ago) I got everything ticked away! :P I think that it helps to visualize the things we want so that we can move towards a definite goal. Wanting "a handbag" doesn't whip us into working hard as say, wanting a Prada. Wanting "a phone" doesn't really motivate us as much as imagining ourselves holding an iPhone 5s.

Note that I use the word want, not need. I know what I need, which means I also know that I'm lucky enough to have everything I need in my life. I still want a lot of things because I'm human though. It's just that I'm comfortable in the knowledge that I can live without them if I don't get them. These are just stuff, after all!

But oh, how pretty/useful they are.

Goyard St Louis Tote PM. Totes are the most useful things to have ever. I always bring a tote bag with me, along with my actual bag. So why not make my actual bag a tote bag? 

NARS Eyeshadow Base. Lisa Eldridge loves this stuff! I've also read good reviews. Definitely getting this soon!

INGLOT 20-pan palette. I don't need any more eyeshadows, but when I saw the INGLOT display in person, a crazy urge invaded my soul. Haha. I want more eyeshadows from the brand!

#SmartiPhone5s. I've been a SMART and iPhone user for a year now and the experience is pretty awesome. I'm not kidding when I say this - it changed my life! I'm a blogger and PR/ marketing consultant so go figure. It would be nice to upgrade to the latest version of (what I think is) the best phone in the world. (Sorry, Apple fan here).

And that is that. :) Whats on your wish list this Christmas?