Philosophy Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance EDT

The theme today is...taking a break from makeup! I've been blogging about color cosmetics too much lately so for now let's chill out from that. I wanna share my current favorite perfume, one of the best sellers from the brand: the Philosophy Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance EDT (P2,495). 

Whenever I mention this to friends and acquaintances they always go, "Oh, I love that!" It's easy to smell why. Amazing Grace is a feminine, clean scent that can make anyone wearing it feel beautiful and pure. It has a welcoming bergamot note to greet the senses; irresistibly soft, clean muguet blossoms; and lasting musk as base.

It's a predominantly floral fragrance with some green in it - it's grown-up yet playful, sweet but level-headed. I love it! Amazing Grace is also easy to match with my clothes since it's like a blank canvas. This particular scent is not specific to any style or personality, which I think contributes to its massive appeal. 

A scent like this could be for all seasons and occasions. It's light enough for casual engagements, but can be layered to get a headier, more glamorous whiff.

The Amazing Grace scent is also featured in a shower gel and lotion, all of which are available locally. Do get the rest of this line if you're fond of layering fragrances and making them really stay on your skin. ;) That's one of the oldest tricks in the book! 

The Grace Series: Shower Gel P1,495), Spray Fragrance (P2,495), and Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion (P2,145)

Philosophy will be opening its flagship store tomorrow in the new wing of Megamall, so do check it out. I'm sure fans would be rushing there to replenish their stocks. ^_^ Do you have any faves from Philosophy?