MAC Divine Night: Event + Product Information (with prices)

MAC's latest collection brings the holidays to a fever pitch - of the disco persuasion. (I thought about this line for one whole day, because I'll be damned if I didn't put "disco" and "fever" in my opening sentence.)

Anyway! Divine Night is MAC's flagship collection this season, dominated by rich shades of gold, bronze, plum, and pink champagne. The look is composed of a fierce darkened eye, stark contour, and a dirty plum lip - a very modern discotheque vibe. Check out the photos from the super fun launch that happened last week!

Divine ladies: Ria Bolivar, Catriona Grey, Jessica Yang, and Ella Pap

Play area

Maxene Magalone was the host that night

Makeup artist Dalal Mansour, a resident trainer for MAC in Australia, showed everyone how to achieve the Divine Night look

Done deal

The ginger hair looks so fun to swish around!

Nikki Gil did a couple of songs and made everyone want to sell a finger to get her hair

Ola from beauty blogger bench

I finally have a picture with THE Jigs Mayuga! He is so nice, I swear!

With Rizel, a long-time friend and now part of the MAC Philippines team. When we met we were both at our first jobs and just literally starting out. Wow. Now we are where we're supposed to be!

So that's what happened! If you'd like to avail of the holiday sets or you're eyeing a new MAC buy this Christmas, here is the complete product list and pricing for your reference. Lemme know if you're out to get something! I haven't had the chance to swatch the products yet, but I've seen the Divine Night displays in all the MAC counters I passed by this week.