Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

"Looking good is the best revenge." Do you agree? I do, because looking good means that you're happy and taking care of yourself very well. Your haters will quietly grind their teeth with frustration at how much better you're doing! Your ex will regret all his thoughtless mistakes. Now that is a revenge more satisfying than TV-level theatrics.

Don't do revenge though, if you can help it. It'll eat at you and your other relationships, making you miserable and empty inside - where it really matters.

Well that was heavy. I just meant to review the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation (P2,150 at Glamourbox), which carries that slogan in the box! Haha. This is one of those quietly popular products with a following among makeup artists and beauty junkies all over the world. I'm happy that Glamourbox decided to distribute it here in the Philippines, as it's hard to find even in the US (short of buying directly from the website).

So why are Face Atelier foundies famous? The fame is mostly from their Zero foundation, a white shade that is meant to be mixed with other face products to lighten them. Pale girls love it, as well as makeup artists who always need to calibrate their foundations to match different clients. There is also a very dark Face Atelier foundation for women of color and for darkening too-light foundations.

Being neither a makeup artist or on the extreme end of the color spectrum, I got the shade Honey, which is a mid-toned yellow that'll suit NC30-35. It's my perfect match!

The Ultra Foundation is probably the most photogenic foundation I own. It's so photogenic, it's what I use when I'm doing full-face swatches! Lol. It's silicone-based, thus filling in those cracks, fine lines and pores on my face. It's also a medium to heavy coverage foundation. It covers most of my blemishes even without a concealer.

Check out the watery texture! You can use fingers, sponge, or your preferred synthetic fiber brush with it. It's very easy to work with.

Even though it's heavy coverage, the texture has a lot of slip and doesn't feel like a thick mask when worn. I can't quite pin down the finish. It's mostly matte, but it allows a bit of glow on the high points of the face.

Staying power is good, at about 6-7 hours before it starts to fade. It doesn't fade much though. I just blot and powder if I need to make it last the whole day.

I'm confident enough to recommend this Face Atelier product for oily skin, although there are better options if you're crazy oily. It's ideal for combination to normal skin I think!

Overall, the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation is a great product for those with troubled skin. It covers pretty much anything and doesn't give the jig away - if you know what I mean! It looks like skin. In fact, now that I mentioned it, it applies and looks almost like a Bobbi Brown foundation. 

This is also the perfect foundation to use during shoots. Like I mentioned earlier, this is what I've been wearing when I swatch face and lip products. It just cuts down the photo processing time, hehe.

You can order Face Atelier at Glamourbox, who I undertstand, is the official distributor here in the Philippines.

Thoughts? Have you heard of the Face Atelier brand before?