Card-making bonanza

Been seeing a lot of new readers lately - hi guys! Thanks for reading and liking my blog. I appreciate the lovely messages you've left as well! :) I thought I'd introduce myself, again. My name is Liz and I obviously love beauty and the things we can use to achieve it. I have a cute pom named Snaps, and in my free time I play video games, read fantasy novels, and recently, make cards.

Yes I've been making cards. Did that catch you off-guard? :P You'll know I've been sorta crazy about it if you've been following my Instagram account. I love putting paper together and coming up with interesting designs. I've kinda toned it down though. When I started card-making, everything was so elaborate. Now I'd rather go for elegance and simplicity.

I honestly don't know how I got into it exactly. I remember buying some stationery and origami paper in Tokyo, then for some reason that got blown waaaay out of proportion. I'm embarrassed to admit this but I've spent quite a sum of money on designer paper and cutting/punching equipment. My gosh, even glue. I didn't know there were other glues aside from Elmer's lol.

It's been fun though. I enjoy the making part, but I also love hunting down stuff in craft and art stores. I like googling for inspiration. This hobby takes a load off my mind!

So what do I actually do with the cards? Another embarrassing confession: I keep most of them. I give some away but that is a very, very rare occurence. I do want to give these four cards though, if you don't mind paying for the shipping. Just let me know which one you want and it's yours! That simple. 

So there you go. ^_^ What's your kinda-secret hobby? Or what fun thing have you been busy with lately?