Update: Naturactor Cover Face Foundation in 151

Yesterday I managed to get home juuust as the rain started to fall. The storm raged in earnest soon after, and Snaps came close to hyperventilating because of his thunder phobia. That said, Manila is supposed to have a Signal #1 storm right now but I don't see it yet - I hope I don't! I have a lot of plans this weekend.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you about the Naturactor Cover Face Foundation. You might remember that I loved its finish and texture, but was sorely disappointed about the shade selection. The 141 was way too light, so I thought the darkest shade won't work for me. Well, it did! The 151 is about half a shade lighter and leans more towards beige than I'd like, but it looks okay on me even though my neck is darker than my face.

I'm an NC35 in the summer, but now that it's not so hot, I'm closer to NC30. So yeah if you're around NC25 or 30 the Naturactor 151 will match your skin!

Naturactor 141 vs 151. They look much darker in the pan than in this photo. It's just the editing! How they look in the pan looks vastly different from how they appear on my face.

141 is pinkish and very light while 151 is about two or three shades darker and has a more neutral tone

151 here with a matte finishing powder

I've also finally worn this foundation out a couple of times. It lasted well in the heat; I didn't get oilier than normal. It stayed put for about 5 hours but then started to fade after that mark. Not bad! I didn't blot or retouch with foundation in any case.

I'm happy that I found my match in Naturactor. ^_^ Hope you find yours as well!