Five affordable beauty products that should cost more than what you pay for them

Remember my list of five expensive beauty products that are actually good bargains? That turned out to be a pretty popular post! So I thought I'd do another version, this time on super affordable products that I think should cost way more. :) Isn't that the sweet spot, beauty products that are too good for their price tags?


Here's my top five!

Etude House Nail Polishes. Smooth, opaque, fast-drying, and fairly tough, it's hard to believe that these nail polishes only cost P50 to P175 (for the pricey lines). In my opinion, they're better than O.P.I. and Orly in terms of quality. High-end brands do have the best colors, but Etude is simply easier to wear. Can't believe they're only fifty bucks.  

In2It Waterproof Blushes. Actually, anything In2It is such a steal! I love their eyeliner, foundation, and eyeshadows. I thought of including the blushes here though because they're my best find from that brand. Smooth, pigmented, and long-lasting, In2It blushes are worth more than P375 (for me). The colors are so flattering too!

Zen Zest EDT scents. I'm a bit of a perfume snob. Before, I thought only expensive ones make anything that's sophisticated and complex enough for a grown woman. Until I tried the Zen Zest EDT in Coral, that is. It's only P200 a bottle! Granted it fades quickly (such is the nature of eau de toilette) but man, P200 for a nice sophisticated scent in a nice bottle is a steal. 

Avon lipsticks. I've tried expensive lipsticks but for me Avon makes some of the best ones hands-down. Colors are on-trend and fab, plus the texture is silky and moisturizing. You can't beat the price at P199 too - regular price is P300-350 but there's always a promo price anyway so you can get an Avon lippie for P175-199 at any time.

For me they're most comparable to Estee Lauder and Shu Uemura lipsticks, which are usually P1,200+. Steal.

Charm brushes. Before Charm came to the local scene, good, professional-grade brushes can only be bought from MAC, Rustan's, or Beauty Bar. Of course these usually cost upwards P1,000 per piece. If you're not actually a pro MUA then you can hardly call brushes priced that much as good investments (other than the personal gratification you get out of applying flawless makeup on yourself of course).

Anyway Charm brushes are only less than P400 per piece for the small ones for eyes and lips, while big powder brushes are at less than P600. For a full set it's usually P2,500 to P3,000+ - expensive at first glance, but still cheap compared to brands with similar quality. Sophie uses the softest synthetic and animal hair so these are super good prices.  

Everyone needs this in their life - the Charm Double Ended Eyebrow Brush

Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub. Yeah, after two years of having the honor of introducing this product to you guys, I still use this regularly. When my skin is looking blah and dull, this is The Savior. For only P130 a jar, it's like I went to the spa for an hour-long scrub! Definitely one of my favorite body care products ever.

How about you - what are affordable products that you think should cost way more? Let me know in the comments!