What went down at the Purple Groom Brand Ambassador shoot

The thing about pomeranians is that they're well, extremely hairy. They have fine, dense hair that sticks everywhere, plus it grows super fast. That's why I have Snaps groomed at least once a month - that's non-negotiable!

When Purple Groom asked us if we want to be brand ambassadors, we immediately said yes. I was pretty excited because Snaps loves having his photos taken. :D It's his first time to be in a real shoot so I knew that it would be a grand experience for him. There would be other dogs too which means that he'd get a chance to play!

So! Here's what happened at the shoot.

Having my hair done! Thanks to Bench Fix for the lovely do and The Face Shop MUA who added the falsies and retouched my makeup.

Martha, The Beauty Junkee, with Snaps

Sweating in front of the camera. Snaps was fidgety and distracted because there were other dogs in front of him, so he doesn't look straight! Oh no! But he's still cute anyway.

Shoot duties done! Time to play! That's Martha's retriever, Denver. Such a sweet chill dog.

That's Paul The PR Guy's chow chow, Yogi. He's like the jumbo version of Snaps. 

Snaps hanging out with the photographer's lhasa apso. They had a round of wrestling so they're tired here.


And that's what happened. Do you like Snaps' hair cut? The first photo up there was taken a day after his trip to Purple Groom. ;) If you like it, do bring your dog to Purple Groom next time! You can find this pet salon in these locations. Follow their Facebook Page too for updates and promos.