Safe and dry; thoughts on the RH Bill

I don't understand the reminder to "stay safe and dry" that people like to post on Facebook and Twitter. Nothing against the people doing that ha but after a while, when everyone has said the same thing, it begs the question: who doesn't want to stay safe and dry in this weather? Let's spare a thought on all the people in Quezon City and Marikina who have had to flee their homes, who can not stay safe and dry even if they wanted to.

And what's with all this hoolabaloo of some people linking the bad weather to the passage of the Reproductive Health bill? "Does the rain today aim to tell us how God weeps for man? I think it does," said @msshaneph on Twitter. I swear to the flying spaghetti monster, some people here can be batshit insane.

I would like to think they're a minority though. I would like to think that Filipinos are good, forward-thinking people who know the value of safe sex and responsible parenthood. Now that we're on the topic - since you're probably home and not doing much, do read Pia Cayetano's blog post on Ten Facts About the RH Bill (if you haven't yet). Then, tell your friends! Support the RH bill, support your fellow women.