Zen Zest Coral Eau de Toilette

I think that everyone should have their signature eau de parfum. Something romantically French, upbeat American, posh English, or maybe all of the above! But if you're a teenager or at your first job, I know that it's impractical to spend P3,000+ on a bottle of upscale perfume. Not when there are cute shoes and dresses to be bought.

So if you're not ready to buy your "scent"mate or if you're looking for one without having to spend a lot, I have a recommendation: the Zen Zest Coral Eau de Toilette (P200).

I kid you not, it's only P200! I went 0_0 when I found out, myself. When I first got it, I was assuming it's in the P800-1,000 range. Why? It's gorgeously packaged in a colorful, thick box, while the flacon itself is made of hefty glass. It certainly doesn't feel cheap; you get the visual and tactile feel of a pricey perfume.

Lovely is the best word to describe this scent. It's feminine and soft, very floral and powdery. I imagine that this is what a vintage powder room would smell like - heady and maybe a little musky as the other girls' perfumes mix with each other, but with that overarching note of talcum in the air.

I think it's perfect for everyday use since it's so affordable - you can totes spray as much as you want without being guilty! The only downside is, since it's an EDT, it doesn't last that long. I give it two hours max before it completely disappears. I suggest you decant it in a small spray bottle so you can re-apply any time.

Overall, the Zen Zest Coral Eau de Toilette is a great everyday scent for all the dainty ladies out there. It's not irritating and certainly far from feeling cheap. :) I highly recommend this for teens who want to smell more grown-up, who want something more complicated and sophisticated than the usual drugstore perfume. It's also great for working girls who want to smell great without having to spend a lot!

And that's it. What do you think? Does this look like something you would try?

Disclosure: I work with Zen Zest for its blogger engagement efforts. Nonetheless, this review is not paid for or influenced by the company.