The bees knees: Charm Travel Pointed Foundation Brush

Last night I held a blogger event for Zen Zest. After weeks of planning, everything finally came in place! I'm so happy about the turn out and it does look like everyone had a nice time. Whew. I was so worried and nervous the day before so I am super relieved that everything went well. I'll blog about it once I have photos, as usual. For now I have a blurry Twitpic from my Blackberry. 

Sorry about that. Anyway, before I rush off to my meetings for the day, I want to talk about the new love of my makeup life: the Charm Travel Pointed Foundation Brush (P399). I'm absolutely infatuated with it because it works much like fingers would when it comes to applying makeup. If like me you love using your fingers for applying face makeup but hate how the stuff sticks to your digits (and everything else you touch) then this is for you!

This brush is dense enough to blend foundation and concealer seamlessly. It's also just the right size for tighter areas like under the eyes and around the nose. That said, it's great for foundation but personally I find it best for concealer. I have clusters of blemishes so I apply a lot of concealer. This cuts my blending time in half! 

Other things to love about this brush: no smell, hair doesn't shed off, and it keeps its shape after washing. It's also super soft and fairly easy to clean because the bristles are fine and smooth. :)

Here's a demonstration!

I'm using the Artdeco Camouflage Cream Concealer here - it's a hard concealer so it's quite time-consuming to blend evenly. I applied the concealer first with a small brush to get it to be as opaque as possible. See how the Charm brush works its blending magic!

I just try to blur the concealer lines and smoothen areas where it is too thick

Seamless blending: accomplished! Another thing that I like about this brush is that it doesn't eat the cream/liquid makeup. Coverage remains opaque!

I also love this brush for eye bags. 

Well not yet entirely done (there are still a few patches here and there - sue me, I was hurrying!) but it looks good as is

So now you know exactly why the Charm Travel Pointed Foundation Brush is the bees knees. :) Grab it now for only P399 at Beauty and Minerals!