Newly minted

I am in a major rush today so I won't be able to post a review, but do watch out for a recipe tutorial tomorrow! I'll show you how I make my hamburger steak and mushroom gravy. ;) For now I have photos of what I wore yesterday!

SM dress / Forever 21 belt / Pinkbox ring and headband / Ferretti pumps / Nine West satchel

Everyone was asking about where I got the dress! It's from SM and it was only P750 if I remember correctly. It's from the Teens Wear section hahahahaha. I passed by, saw it, fitted it, and knew it was for me. That day I was wearing red lipstick and it looked super nice with the dress. I'll do that look with this dress next time, but probably with different shoes, accessories, and bag.

Anyway. I'm rambling. See those Ferretti pumps? I had them customized. Well it was minor since they just added straps, but it made a world of difference to how they fit and look.

And yes I know I have to work on my poses, k? Nonetheless, thanks so much to Marge Manabat for taking photos! This girl is so talented! I'll be working with her more in the future (hint: vlogs!) so I'm very excited to show you what we'll come up with. :D

Ciao for now, and have a great loooong weekend. What are your plans? ;)