LAB SERIES: Men have needs too!

Men should be more invested in a proper skincare routine. Not for the sake of vanity, mind you, but for the future of their skin! A simple cleanse and moisturize routine today can make a huge difference in say, twenty years from now; their skin will maintain a more elastic texture with less wrinkles at the very least.

Anyway, when LAB SERIES, a premium skincare brand for men, asked the press to bring a male +1 I immediately thought of one friend: Osmond! I'm sure he'll be receptive to the idea of investing in skin care. Besides, I haven't seen him in ages. Reuniting for the love of skincare was an excellent idea.

So here's what happened. He got a high-tech skin analysis that determined his skin type and condition. Unlike other skincare brands where analysis is based on a Q&A format (it is subjective), the Lab Series analysis is objective using a sensor specifically calibrated for male skin. Cool eh? It only took a few minutes.

Osmond was found to have fairly good skin already, with a bit of oiliness around the t-zone and dryness in the cheek area. The skincare specialists recommended that he use the basic cleanser (Multi-Action Face Wash, for all skin types) and exfoliator (Invigorating Face Scrub) to maintain his skin. To prevent sun spots and wrinkles, he got the Daily Moisture Sun Defense Lotion with SPF15. I think that's a well-rounded selection for him, considering that he doesn't need much to keep his skin in good shape!

Lab Series Skincare for Men has long understood that men require products formulated specifically for them. 

Understanding men's skin physiology and knowing their unique skincare concerns has led us to create our Clean-Shave-Treat System for simple, results-oriented skincare. In addition, our Body line, with advanced formulations, fit any lifestyle. Our high-tech approach allows men to take a high-performance approach to life. 

Aside from CLEAN, LAB Series has other product lines to address male skincare needs.

TREAT is more specialized with products to combat eyebags, aging, acne/oil, and dryness

Moisturizer for oily skin

The SHAVE line is for, well, shaving! It has a shaving cream, gel, and a lotion for razor-burned skin

There's also a HAIR and BODY line for grooming concerns

And that's it! If you're looking to treat your guy to something special or if you're a guy looking for solutions to your skin problems, you should check out LAB Series. ;)

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