Beauty for newbies: What you need to know about personal makeup

I've been beauty blogging for four years now, and in that time I've answered a lot of questions about makeup - especially ones referring to application. Some questions I've answered waaay back in the past, so I take it for granted that everyone who reads this already knows a thing or two when I review products.

But I still get a lot of inquiries from new readers (welcome, guys!) so I thought I'd compile all the basic tutorials I've done for their benefit.

Beauty Basics: What every girl needs in her makeup kit

How to apply flawless face makeup: learn how to maximize your liquid foundation and concealer to fake perfect skin (this is more for girls who need heavy coverage).


How to apply blush : blush your way to healthy-looking skin! I also included shade options per skin tone.

How to shade eyebrows : This is a video tutorial of how I fix up my eyebrows. I use a pencil and a powder product. You can also check out a photo tutorial of how I use a pen eyebrow liner here.

How to apply basic eyeshadows : Enhance and contour your eyes with this simple eyeshadow tutorial!

How to apply eyeliner: Define your eyes with the perfect line.

How to apply mascara : Lashes are the drapes to the windows of your soul. ;) Dress them up using a wand of mascara!

I've also done tutorials on contouring and hiding dreadful eyebags. If you have more tutorial requests, please let me know and I'll see what I can do! Making tutorials are so fun, that's why.

Okay, just leave your requests in the comments section. :)