Event and review: Daphne Home Scents

One event I recently attended was the launch of Daphne Oseña-Paez's home fragrance and furniture line in Dimensione. I'd say it's one of the better functions I've been to lately! The second floor of Dimensione in High Street was transformed into a stylish high tea affair, quite deserving of Daphne's image as a stickler to detail and the evangelist for beautiful surroundings.

Watch the event unfold while Daphne tells the story of her new adventure. :)

Okay! I've been using the Daphne Home Scent in Mint Jasmine Infusion (P349) for a week now. How was it?

I like that the jasmine is not too pronounced - it smells quite sweet actually, with a hint of mint thrown in. The scent doesn't hurt the nose nor is it too distracting. It's soft and conveniently melts away in the background.

If you want your house smelling like it was dunked in a perfume bottle then I'd say you won't like this much. As for me, I want my place to smell calm and focused, not stressful!

Overall I am loving this Daphne Home Scent creation. :) Subtle, fabulous, and sophisticated are the first three words that come to mind whenever I catch a whiff of it. It also doesn't hurt that a bottle is only P349 in Dimensione and selected Bench stores! Will definitely try the other variants when I run out.

Good job Daphne and Bench! Can't wait to see what you'll cook up next.

Does this look like something you'll buy? Now that were on the topic: how do you achieve a home that smells amazing? Would love to know!