From Etude House Korea, with love (again!)

Last Friday I received another pink box from Etude House. I was just about to vamoose out of the door for work, so I HAD to patiently wait all day before I can come home and open it! Well, the suspense was worth it I think. Here's what's inside!

Yay! So many yummy goodies!

Etude sent their new BB cream and powder to be reviewed - the the Etude House Sun BB Cream and Pact. I tried them once and I'm really liking both so far! There's also tints and blushes to play with. 

Now this is the part where the cuteness overload begins! See those fruity things on the left? Those are hair elastics. Love the concept. The nail stickers I'm pretty psyched to try - it's my first time! Will wear them when I get the chance, they look work intensive lol.

I'm currently using this lip-shaped sponge. At first I didn't know what it was for exactly, but apparently (according to Dionne) it's a general-use sponge, just in an novel shape. Now that's one mystery solved.

Will review the BB cream and powder soon, with a tutorial, of course! Stay tuned!

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