My customized doll shoes from Ferretti

It's not a secret that I love shoes. Like anyone who loves anything, I wanted to make an ideal version of the thing I love. One afternoon a month or so ago I decided to do just that!

You see Ferretti provides a shoe customization service - something I certainly wouldn't know if I didn't work for the brand. It's simple, you pick the design and the material you want and we'll do it in two weeks for more or less the same cost. There's no extra charge or anything, unless the material you chose is more expensive than the original material of the shoes.

I was hankering for new shoes but I didn't want to buy anything off the rack, for once. Here's what I came up with!

Penny pumps + Fiber espadrilles

Excited? Here's the finished work!

Cute right??? I wanted the heels to be higher at 4 inches (we can do that too) but apparently the material I chose is too thick for that height. It would look too chunky. It looks a bit chunky now actually, but not overly so.

I grew up with dolls so I've always wanted doll shoes of my own. That's why I chose the loafer pumps and decided to add a straps for extra cuteness. Don't you just love the pink material? It's handwoven and dyed fiber straight from the craftswomen of Bohol. My boss flew it in some months back, shortly after opening a Ferretti outlet there.

Sorry, I'm afraid I don't have a better photo. I've worn the shoes only once so far at the Bloggers United Bazaar, but I unfortunately left them at the Pinkbox booth. -_- So now they're at the office and I haven't picked them up yet! Gah.

So there! Love them, especially since I know I'm the only one who has these shoes. Teehee. My second pair of customized shoes is already underway! I love Ferretti espadrilles so much that my current red pair is already worn down. I want one in gold this time so I look bongga even when I'm dressed casually. :P

Next project: espadrilles in this bronzy gold color!

If you want your own customized Ferretti shoes, just email store [at] to order. :) This service is especially useful if you're a bride who wants shoes that match your motif or even your wedding gown as we can use a material you provide. FYI!