Makeup For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N39

When you have 130 lipsticks and counting, it becomes harder to tell each of them apart. You will find yourself grasping for words to describe them. There will be long, awkward pauses between sentences and not enough adjectives to fill them with. But every so often a special lipstick comes along. My life is instantly a lot easier.

The Makeup For Ever Rouge Artist Natural (P1,280) was launched a couple of weeks ago to beauty bloggers in Bonifacio High Street. It's the sweeter, more wearable version of the Rouge Artist Intense line, so you can expect to see lots of shiny and sheer shades. Well, "sheer" is the operative word, but actually these lipsticks can be opaque in only two layers!

I got the shade N39, Soft Apricot. It's now my current favorite lipstick. Yes, I have a lot of favorite lipsticks, so sue me. It's my first truly salmon-apricot shade, I think, which makes it special in my book. I don't have a color quite like it yet.

So how is it? It's marvelous! It feels and glides like butter on the lips (it has Cupuaçu butter and lots of oils), However, even with the slinky texture, it has a good lasting power at four to five hours without eating. You can extend it by applying one layer, blot out the oil, then apply another layer.

The packaging feels expensive, and has Makeup For Ever embossed on the cap. I like the full-bodied click and how gently it turns when you twist the tube. That's one difference between pricy and cheap lipsticks - how it turns. Cheaper lipsticks have thin plastic tubes so it feels like you're twisting a PET bottle cap or something. Very rough and disengages quickly.

Anyway! All that aside, the real star is the color here. I have a lot of peachy-pink-salmony shades, but N39 beats all of them. Agree? Disagree?

So yes, if you want to try a luxurious lipstick for a change, go for the Makeup For Ever Rouge Artist Collection. It has over a hundred shades so you you're sure to find something you like. Do check out Soft Apricot, of course. I swear you'll love it as much as I do. ;)

Tried this yet? Wanna try? Let me know what you think! I feel guilty because I don't always reply, but believe me, I read and remember all your comments.