Legs, legs, legs

A good pair of heels can make your legs go a loooong way. The heels don't even have to be particularly high! Here are some visual tricks to make your gams look longer: 

  • Wear strappy heels, preferably one that has an ankle strap. This slims your feet and ankles.
  • Nude-colored shoes blend with your skin, fooling people that there's more flesh exposed, therefore your legs look leaner.
  • This is a no-brainer: short, fitted skirts and shorts show off your legs. If you're not comfy with too-short bottoms, wear slim jeans with high heels.


Bench sweater/ Tiangge skirt / Ferretti wedges / Pinkbox bangle

And that's it really! In this look I wore a striped body con skirt (P200 only would you believe??) and a light knit sweater from Bench. Ran a few errands that day, I think, so I just wore basic makeup with matching hot pink lips and nails. The lipstick and nail polish called Breathless Pink are both from Etude House.

Have a great week ahead!