Models Own Nail Polish in Tangerine Queen

The Makeup Suite, a local online store that sells UK makeup, recently sent me a package containing some Models Own cosmetics. I've seen Models Own around, but I didn't think much of it. I should have paid more attention though, because I am really liking these products!

Models Own Powder Blusher, Hyperbrite Lipstick, and Nail Polish

First surprise: the packaging looks and feels expensive. The cases are made of glass or thick, sturdy plastic, and has some heft in them. If I didn't know that Model's Own is a drugstore brand in the UK, I wouldn't have guessed that they're are just P350-400! I've tried more expensive products that aren't packaged half as well as these.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I will review everything separately, so for now I'll talk about the Model's Own Nail Polish in Tangerine Queen (P350).

This nail polish looks like sunkissed oranges on my nails, all sweet and loud at the same time. It's very pigmented - two coats and I have an opaque coverage. Lasting power is pretty good too. I've had it on for four days now and only two nails have chipped, with very minimal tip wear. Take note that I've done housework and cooked! I also didn't use a base or top coat.

I wish the cap was sturdier though, as it got unscrewed from the brush the first time I twisted it open. Go figure. It's not difficult to fix though so no biggie.

Overall, great stuff. I want to try Beetlejuice next time! It makes me think of Chanel Peridot, a similar gold and green duochrome. <3 

Sooo...have you tried Models Own? Thoughts?