Royal Effem Compact Creamy Foundation

Royal Effem is an Italian cosmetics brand that caters mostly to professional makeup artists. Laboratori Royal, the manufacturer of Royal Effem and Oe Organic Elements Skincare, has been around for 50 years so you know they know makeup intimately!

The sleek black packaging and wonderfully pigmented products make them a nice addition to a MUA's kit. Today I'll be talking about one of the brand's best-selling products: the Royal Effem Compact Creamy Foundation (~P1,600).

This cream foundation is pretty good in terms of coverage, so much that I don't even use concealer anymore! It doesn't cover marks 100% (the really dark ones) but it does a pretty good job of hiding everything neatly. You'll see a photo later.

What I love about the product

  • Heavy coverage fills in pores and blurs out most imperfections. It can moonlight as a concealer for light blemishes.
  • Finish is quite nice, straddling the fine line between glowy and matte. 

  • It's a super photogenic foundation because it has a low SPF clocking in at 10. No white cast but you get the right protection if you're going to get only minimal sun exposure.
  • Didn't break me out.
  • Great staying power! It doesn't fade or cake on me.
  • Convenient to use since everything is in a hygienic mirror compact that includes a sponge.

Unique textured surface to show that the foundation hasn't been previously used

Wearing only the foundation, no concealer or setting powder. Isn't the finish nice? Wearing a thick layer here but you don't see an obvious blanket of makeup.

What I don't like about the product

  • Limited shade selection. I only saw 6, and only a couple were yellow-toned. 
  • Limited availability. As of the moment, Royal Effem cosmetics can be purchased at their showroom in Quezon City and in selected salons (will update this with specifics).


  • As with all cream face products, don't expect oil control. Just set it with a good powder and it will not melt with the oil.


I would recommend the Royal Effem Compact Creamy Foundation for photo-heavy events or those days when you need long-lasting coverage. Just don't forget to set it and to bring a powder to blot the shine!


It's nice and I like it, but I'm really more of a liquid foundation kinda gal. This is much more convenient to use  though; when I'm in a hurry I just swipe this on and vamoose out of the house. :D

So what do you think? Are you into cream foundations?

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