My Pinkbox collection

The cool thing about working for a fashion brand like Pinkbox? I get freebies and discounts. :P I honestly like the brand because it has both functional and pretty accessories that don't go overboard. Like any girl, I love making a statement with accessories, but it should be seasoned with a little subtlety, taste, and playfulness. 

So anyway I was organizing my accessories the other day and decided to store all my Pinkbox pieces in one place. Here's a pic! Read on to see my favorites and what I ended up using as a storage solution. ;)

Currently loving that white crochet necklace! So perfect for summer. The turquoise necklace is a crowd pleaser - people always compliment me whenever I'm wearing it. 

I keep wearing this purple leather bracelet because the color combination is really nice. It also seems like a unique concept.

Wearing it here

See that bangle with the circles on it? I've been wearing it since last year. If we've met, you probably already caught me wearing it. I love it because it goes with absolutely everything, plus the metal has never tarnished or stained.

The bangle in action

Pinkbox's bangle sets are elaborate and never feels cheap

Ahh, my new ring! Been looking for a classy statement ring, and now I found it.

I put everything in this Avon Essentials shoe box. It's for shoes, obviously, but you can put pretty much anything in it as long as you want them protected. I like that the plastic is light and durable.

And that's it! What do you think is the best piece here? :D