EANVIE Skincare and Collagen BB Cream

EANVIE (pronounced as "envy") is the latest Korean beauty brand to hit Watsons. According to Andrew Wolff, the CEO of EANVIE's distribution company, the brand has been around for ten years. They decided to bring it to the Philippines because they were impressed by the products' results and felt that it suited Filipina skin.

I met Andrew last month to discuss EANVIE - it's always good to hear from the people who know their brands best! He was very kind, soft-spoken, and seemed passionate about his work. Really cool dude.

Of course I had to ask if Andrew uses EANVIE! He said, "Yes I do. You really have to know what you are selling before promoting it to others. Obviously, being male, it is difficult to try some products like BB Creams.  I let our operations manager Matthew Golar try that one! My favourite cosmetic would have to be the REVITAL CREAM as my "spotty" face has cleared considerably since I started using it."

Aside from the Revital Cream, EANVIE also has a Clear Whitening Cream and Whitening Spot Cream (for blemishes and general brightening). 

Product information for the Clear Whitening Cream: Special whitening skin care for lighter skin tone. · Nourishes and moisturizes skin. · Contains Vitamin E and Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extracts for healthier and smoother skin · Extract that may have anti-inflammatory or analgesic properties, anti-irritants.· Better absorption and deep penetration through the skin because of Nanosome Technology.

Product information for the Whitening Spot Cream: · Intensive whitening skin care to help reduce dark spots on skin. · Help reduce dark spots on face from sun exposure, liver spots, freckles and age spots. · Better absorption and deep penetration through the skin because of Nanosome Technology. · SR Powder Ingredients provide Soft Focus Effect helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

I haven't used the creams since I'm not really into whitening, but I did test the EANVIE Collagen BB Cream. It reminds me of the much more expensive Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream. They have almost the same shade, texture (very creamy), and coverage (heavy)!

As with most BB creams, EANVIE's is quite light-toned so it should suit fair to light-medium skinned girls best. No can do for medium to dark tones but you have the option of using it as an undereye concealer since the coverage is quite good. Oh, it's also good for oil control, like Dr. Jart's. Just make sure you set it with powder.

Wearing ONLY the EANVIE BB Cream here. I used it all over as a base, then added a bit more on my undereye area and blemishes. Great coverage, eh?

I think EANVIE's BB cream is nice at P690 for 20ml. They'll be coming out with a 50ml version soon so watch out for that.

According to Andrew, EANVIE has over 100 product lines in Korea. They plan to increase the number of products imported into the Philippines. The products below are the next products for tentative release before July 2012: 

  • 4 Organic Creams (Toner, Essence, Cream & Lotion) 
  • 2 kinds of Mask (Collagen Mask & Vit.C Mask)
  • 2 kinds of oil (Argan oil and Jojoba oil)
  • 2 kinds of facial mist (Greentea facial mist and honey water mist)
  • 1 Collagen BB Cream 50 grams.

So there you have it! It's difficult to find information about EANVIE online so I tried to add as many details as I can. What do you think of the brand? Interesting? Meh? Have you tried any of the products yet?

You can find EANVIE in major Watsons branches. They're also Facebook and Twitter btw.