There's something about Aaron

Found an interesting fashion blog over on Twitter called Aaron Did Fashion. People were initially laughing at him, but from what the hashtag #TeamAaron is showing, people are admiring his guts. And why not?

There is something about this boy. His enthusiasm in showing off his outfits and doing the du jour fashion blogger poses is...poignant. Honest. The top fashion blogs are all run by beautiful shining people in trendy, mass-produced clothes. I don't hate them for it, but they are sometimes tiring to look at, perhaps because the whole thing looks contrived and semi-professional. Some people prefer that, but others may want them to just look like real people in their blogs. Sometimes, at least.

That said, I don't check that many fashion blogs precisely because most of them tend to look alike and talk about the same things. This is not a new feeling as tons of other people have written about this disillusionment. However, Aaron's confidence and sincerity in sharing his looks on a public blog somehow softens that disillusionment, at least for me!

I've been feeling rather burnt out with blogging lately, but this boy has made me realize what's so wonderful about it, again. :)