VS Sassoon Ceramic Jetset Dryer

Summer is usually the time when I get terminally bored with my hair. It's also super hot so a girl must suffer a haircut, or at least a trim! Good thing Hair Philosophie took care of that for me. As for styling my hair at home, I bought a hair blower a couple of weeks ago to help with the frizz.

Well...actually I bought the blower mainly for my dog. :P I've never owned one before so I don't have the slightest clue on how to maximize it! I thought Snaps could use some quick drying after a bath, although I swiftly found out that he is deathly scared of the machine. Oh well. I might as well use it on myself.

I went to Watsons to buy a VS Sassoon blower because I heard of good reviews. They were at 10% off too, with a two year warranty on all the products. Not bad! I wanted to buy the pink hair dryer because it's the most affordable (less than P1,300 I think?) but I got talked into buying the bigger one called the VS Sasson Ceramic Jetset Dryer at P1,800 (price after the discount so I guess the original price is ~P2,000). 

I only wanted two things from this machine: a good, solid wind and a cool setting. I got both. I needed something that can dry my - and hopefully someday, my dog's - hair fast and this does it! The lowest heat setting is also managebale so I can use it to create a semblance of straight bangs.

Nozzle is detachable

Right now though I'm still not used to the weight. This thing is heavy and bulky. Maybe I should have just settled on the smaller one, since this blower feels like it's made for salon use. However, I suppose I'll get acquainted with it in time!

Oh, I also bought two brushes to use this with. I got a semi-paddle brush from VS Sassoon (P310) and a round brush from Watsons (P80).

And that's it! Wish me luck with my hair blowing adventures. :P How about you, do you blow dry your hair regularly?