Chic and connected

The cool thing about my job is that I can work anywhere most of the time. It means that I can multi-task and shoot down errands whenever I need to! I just have to be connected to my email accounts (five of them) at all times, which my Blackberry takes care of. For heavier work like Facebooking, blogging, editing photos, or anything involving documents, I turn to my ever reliable Macbook Air.

A few weeks back, we had our condo fumigated, so I had to bring Snaps to the day care for a few hours. Try Pup Culture btw, if you're looking for a great day care center for your dog. Anyhoo! That day I decided to kill three birds with one stone: take my dog to Pup Culture, do my bank errands, and work. For the latter I decided to park myself at Bubble Tea. I love their tea and the Japanese food!

It's in the tiny bubbles!

Katsu with delish potato salad. Wish there was more potato salad tho. :/

Okay, so I said that it's cool that I can work outside whenever I want. The downside with that is, there has to be reliable and fast internet wherever I decide to hang out for a few hours. Most of the places I go in Burgos Circle have free and fast connections, but sometimes I need to work in the car or in another location with subpar internet. That's when I use my MiFi - a portable wifi router.  

It's kinda bulky and heavy though! That's why I was delighted when Smart sent over the Smart Bro Rocket Chic. It's a USB modem that promises up to 12 MBPS of speed with over 1,500 HSPA+ sites nationwide. But more importantly - it's pink, chic, and sleek!

It offers fairly reliable internet in The Fort, though I haven't tried it anywhere else. It's also super easy to use - just slide the SIM in, plug it, run the automatic install program, and you can use it immediately. I've only used it a couple of times and it was good, so I don't mind recommending it. :)

Read Yugatech's Complete List of Areas with Smart HSPA+ Coverage and his experience on using the Smart Bro Rocket on Php200 per 180MB.

The Smart Bro Rocket Chic retails for P2,345 and can be purchased at the Smart Online Store.

This is a sponsored post.