Revlon Absolute C Radiance Moisture Cleansing Oil

My Shu Uemura cleansing oil is still the best for me, but there are quite a lot of affordable alternatives available in the market now. They're basically the same - mineral oil-based makeup removers that take the gunk off effortlessly. Their difference, I find, lies in the smell, the residue left over after rinsing, and how skin-friendly they are. 

For not all cleansing oils are created equal. Even though they are made of the same stuff, some ingredients may cause pimples. Some are too thick and leaves a film of oil even after you rinse it off. Some, like the Revlon Absolute C Radiance Moisture Cleansing Oil (P550), has a very distinctive scent.

The first thing you'll notice about the Revlon cleansing oil is the overwhelming citrus smell. Now I'm not particularly sensitive to perfume in skincare, but this one is too much for me. I wish they'd take it down a notch, no, several notches. It claims to have Vitamin C but I don't think they have to prove it with the strong orange smell. We get it.

That said, it's quite effective at removing makeup with only a small amount of product. Non-waterproof mascaras, primed eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks - they stand no chance with a little bit of oil massaged on them.  It leaves a filmy residue after vigorous rinsing, but it can be washed off with your facial soap/liquid without any trouble. 

I didn't break out from this, although I fully expected to. So yay for that! Also, it infuses my skin with moisture so it doesn't feel tight after washing.

Overall, the Revlon Absolute C Radiance Moisture Cleansing Oil is not a bad makeup remover, but it's quite pricey for its quality and the amount you get (130ml only). I think you can find more affordable alternatives in Watsons (Pure Beauty, although those broke me out FYI). Muji also offers pretty good cleansing oils for almost the same price as this Revlon one, but the yellow one (which I like best) is hard to come by.

And that's it! Tried this Revlon cleansing oil yet? How was it? What cleansing oil/s do you use?