3S Pre-Glued False Eyelashes

I am extremely lazy when it comes to applying false eyelashes. I can also never get it right, but I think it's because of lack of practice! However, Sophie makes it easy for lazy daisies like me to wear falsies without committing too much time to it by introducing her 3S Pre-Glued False Eyelashes (P250 from Beauty and Minerals). 

This stuff is so easy to use. You just remove the lashes from the base, cut the excess (if it's too big for your eyes), then apply it to the roots of your lashes with your fingers or a tweezer. It's idiot-proof. According to Sophie, you can use the lashes around two times before the adhesive loses its stickiness. She's right, I did use these twice and they won't stick anymore.

Wearing Lovely here! It's very long and spiky, but not overly fake-looking.

With Tender on. It's very thick and lush, looks quite natural I think. Tip: if the lash glue shows up, gently dust the spot with black eyeshadow.

But don't worry! There is an extra adhesive strip that comes with the lashes. See that dark line in the plastic mold? Just stick the lashes there and the new adhesive will, well, adhere to the falsies. Once you're out of the extra strip, you can then re-use the lashes with normal lash glue. I think four uses for P250 lashes is not bad. It comes down to P62.50 per use.

Other designs!

I wish the lashes would have a stiffer base though, because they are easily disfigured if I'm not careful. Otherwise, these lashes are pretty good. They're light and they come in a lot of wearable and stand-out designs. :)

Tried these lashes yet? Do you wear falsies, to begin with? Why or why not?