My top five favorite lip balms

The lip balm is perhaps the most basic beauty product a girl - nay, anyone - should own. They lock in moisture on the lips, help heal chapped skin, and provide a bit of shine to instantly enhance that area. Now most lip balms do the same thing, but some are more equal than others (to borrow a phrase). The elements of scent, packaging, and overall efficacy comes into play.

So what lip balm should you get? It depends on what you need and how much you're willing to spend. You can get a P60 lip balm from the drug store and you'll probably be happy with it. But if you're willing to spend a little for a lip balm with more features then here's a nice list! These are the lip balms I always reach for.

Mentholatum Lip Ice lip balm. This is my all-around basic lip balm. It's slinky, never waxy, and really hydrates my lips instead of just sitting on top. It's also easily available in any Watsons branch for only P89. I keep backups of this, and have at least three lying around the house at any given time!

MAC Suntints SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm in Au Rosé. I gave a rather lukewarm review of this balm, and for that I am kicking myself. It has become my favorite lip balm to use before makeup. It smoothens the lips like nothing else I've tried, as if it deeply conditions those dry areas! What I do is I apply a thick layer as I start to do my makeup, then just before putting on lipstick, I wipe it away with a tissue. All the nasty flakes go with it, leaving my lips super smooth and evened out.

It's quite expensive at P950 a pop, but I will probably buy when I run out. This or the lip conditioner in pots.

Rosebud Salve. This balm doesn't particularly excel in moisturizing lips, I mean, it won't blow your mind away. It does pretty much what Lip Ice would do. What I love about it though is the rose scent and the tin packaging. I feel like a 20s Hollywood star whenever I use it. Haha. Whimsical I know but I just like the history behind it! 

Speaking of the rose perfume, it's a love it or hate it kinda smell. Try to sniff it first before purchasing, as it's P420 per tin.

EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit. Want to start conversations whenever you re-apply a lip balm? Then EOS is for you. No really, people will really ask about it, in my experience! It's a cute concept, and it doesn't hurt that the balm itself tastes sweet and smells fab. It moisturizes nicely and is touted to be 95% organic and 100% natural.

Lucas Papaw Ointment. I don't really think of Lucas Papaw as a lip balm, but it serves that purpose quite well. It's especially useful when you have cracked/ almost bleeding lips because it helps heal wounds as well as warding off infection. It has anti-bacterial properties from what I understand. 

This is also great to use as a lip gloss because it's so wet and shiny compared to other balms. I just use this with lipstick and voila, a gloss that actually keeps your lips moisturized! You can get this for P450 - pricy but that's 25 grams of multi-purpose ointment. Great deal if you ask me!

There you go. Hope you found this useful! Let us know what your fave lip balms are too! ;)

PS I still love Aquafina, but since I don't know anyone who sells it here, I didn't include it in the list.