How to sanitize your makeup

In my last post about makeup expiry dates, a lot of girls asked how I sanitize my cosmetics. So here's the answer: Casino Ethyl Alcohol in Ecomist Spray! This is amazing because it gives a super fine, even mist. I'm not kidding. The mist is even finer than Evian!

First of all that means you're not wasting alcohol since you're getting the perfect amount every time you use it. Two, it's the perfect makeup sanitizer because it doesn't douse the makeup when you spray. It covers every centimeter without making your stuff wet and miserable. Three, you don't have to press a tiny nozzle to get things going - just squeeze the whole bottle for that fine airy spray.

You should get one if you haven't yet. It's less than P70 in drugstores and supermarkets if I remember correctly. :) 

How to properly sanitize your makeup

Well, at least this is how I do it. For lipsticks, just wipe off the top layer with tissue, then spray the whole bullet with alcohol. For powders and cream compacts, especially the ones you dip your fingers in, do the same. You have to remove any oil build up that might ruin the formula of the pan makeup. Scrape with a thin spatula if you have to.

Don't worry about messing with the formula of your products - as long as you don't douse them with alcohol they will pretty much work and smell the same. They also dry within minutes so you can use as needed.


Actually if you tilt the bottle like this it will squirt out alcohol. You must hold it upwards to get the fine mist! Take the compact in the other hand and hold it about five inches away from the nozzle.

You should sanitize your makeup at least once a month, more if you happen to share it with other people or if you use it often. Makeup artists of course clean their products after every gig. :) It just depends on your OC-ness level! Just remember that bacteria builds up in your makeup so you have to keep them in clean shape. It's the same thing with makeup brushes. 

Hope this helps! If you have more tips about sanitizing makeup, do share them here for all to marvel at! :D