My top 10 favorite finds last November

I slept most of the weekend off. I've been feeling ill these past few days so I didn't have energy to do much of anything else. Thankfully I am better now, so this blog is back on track! I want to start the week with my monthly list of favorite finds. Let's go!

I just recently discovered some old Revlon cult favorites: Cherries in the Snow, which is a fuchsia red lipstick released in 1953, and Pink in the Afternoon, an all-around flattering pink. If you're planning on getting a new drugstore lipstick, you must try these shades! 

You must be sick of me talking about Fairydrops all the time. :P Nonetheless, the Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara is one of my most reached-for products lately. It makes my lashes look long, lush, and super black. It's not easy to remove but it's definitely easier compared to say Majolica Majorca or Max Factor. I use this mascara mainly for events since it gives a dramatic effect that photographs well.

The MeMeMe Arch Angel is a dual-ended product that has a brow mascara/shader and a highlighter in one tube. It's a great product if you want quick, natural brows and an enhanced arch. You don't have to muck with brushes and pans anymore since the mascara-type wand colors the brows evenly.

Do you like BB creams but hate how thick and sticky they are and how messy they are to apply? Then I think you'll love the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50. This is basically BB cream in a compact - but not in a solid cream form. It's liquid BB cream that's soaked in a cushion, which you can pick up by pressing the cushion with another sponge. Cool idea, yes? You will also like how light this feels like, and how Korean-smooth your skin will look like afterwards.

Aaand here's another product I can't seem to stop praising. The Lucas Papaw Ointment fills a void that most beauty products simply can't. It has cosmetic purposes (as a lip balm or gloss), but it's also skincare, topical ointment for various skin issues, and an overall handy object to have in your purse. It's the carica papaya in it that makes it special, I suppose! It has anti-bacterial properties which help heals skin fast. Highly recommended for the accident-prone. :P

Why have dozens of face brushes when you can only get one to do the same things? The Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush can apply various types of face makeup wonderfully. From liquid foundation, to concealer, to blush, and even powder, this baby can work it! It does need regular cleaning, however, since all that stuff gets into the brush core easily. Still this is nice to have around if you're obsessed about creating the perfect face base (as I am!).

The older I get, the more inclined I am to use less harsh products on my skin. The Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Solution is one of the gentlest makeup removers I've tried. It's just basically water - feels like water, smells like water. It does have a bitterness to it though which I reckon would only be a problem if you like drinking makeup removers. :P Kidding aside this is great for removing eye and lip makeup without the sting or cloudiness in the eyes. It doesn't take off waterproof mascara, unfortunately, but I don't use one all the time so it's okay.

The Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser is my current facial wash. It's amazing! It's the reason I don't break out often anymore, and why I stopped worrying about blackheads. It's quite expensive at P1,200 for a tube but considering it will last for at least four months, I think the amount spreads itself out reasonably. 

SPF products are indispensible if you want to keep your skin young and supple for as long as possible. It minimizes sun damage, which when left unrestrained causes premature wrinkles, spots, and sagginess. So yes use something that has sun protection everytime you go out! I am currently in love with the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Face Base SPF25 because it protects my skin while giving it the glow I've always wanted. It looks phenomenal under foundation, or even just by itself. I would call it a skin perfector more than anything else.

Last but not the least, here's Cushe! This is probably the comfiest pair of shoes I've had the pleasure of wearing. The foam sole is literally a cushion, so I feel like I'm walking on air. It has so far been super useful in shopping marathons and dog walking. Am happy I had the chance to try this because it's not the sort of footwear I would normally buy for myself. Try it too. ;)

Hope that was useful! Till next month! Let everyone know your fave finds last month as well!