MeMeMe Arch Angel

Are you too lazy to carefully apply and blend makeup on your eyebrows, yet still want that seamless, perfect finish? Then I might have a solution for you. The MeMeMe Arch Angel (P650 at Makeupholics) is a nice product for days when you want quick, fuss-free brows. It has a creamy brown shade for coloring and a shimmery white for enhancing the arch of your eyebrows.

Here's a quick rundown!

What I love about the product

  • The brush is basic but it's the perfect size for eyebrows. Not too tiny as to warrant a lot of time to cover ground, but not too big that it would create a too-thick line. It also picks up the right amount of product so I don't make a mess.
  • The product dries quickly and doesn't smudge throughout the day. It also keeps stray hairs in place without making them crunchy and hard.
  • I love the dark brown, slightly ashy shade. It looks too dark in the tube but when applied it looks just right. It complements my lightened hair!
  • The highlighter is perfect for enhancing the arch of the brows. Just use one dab per brow as it can be rather wet and pigmented. Apply it directly below the brow, and on the inner corner of your eyes. Well actually you can use it anywhere on your face!

Define - for shading and shaping the brows



Here's a photo to give you an idea of the size of the brush

Used a light hand here, so my brows just look enhanced yet natural

Used a heavy hand for darker, thicker brows


What I don't like about the product 

  • It's not waterproof or water-resistant, so if you have a tendency to get really sweaty around your brow area you might notice a bit of fading. On the up side, it means that you can easily wash this off.



If you have well-groomed brows that only need a bit of taming, basic shading, and highlighting then I think you'll love the MeMeMe Arch Angel. Just a few upward strokes on your brows makes all the difference! It's super quick and fairly fool-proof to use. If I want light brows then I use a light hand. If I want to darken certain areas (particularly the inner tips of my brows) then I use more pressure to get a good color going.

The highlighter part is super useful not just on the brow bones but on the cheekbones, philtrum (bow of the lip), and bridge of the nose. You can also mix a bit with your lipstick to get more shimmer! ;) Or apply it on the center of your bottom lip for a fuller pout. Take your pick.

The only ones who I think won't like this so much are girls who need something more corrective. Girls with a scar or overly plucked brows should go for waterproof pens and pencils to get a more precise, long-lasting application.


Love it! It only takes me what, ten seconds to fix both my brows using this? Brush brush brush then done. I don't even need to blend it anymore. I like the highlighter but I don't use liquid highlighter all the time - still, it's nice to know I have something just in case!

You can purchase MeMeMe from Makeupholics.